Mark IllisMark Illis writes novels, short stories, radio plays and TV drama. He is the author of four novels, A CHINESE SUMMER, THE ALCHEMIST, THE FEATHER REPORT and THE LAST WORD, as well as a collection of connected short stories, TENDER.


Mark Illis is a great stylist: eloquent, graceful, quiet. His work has wonderful subtlety and surprising strength.
Anne Enright

The Last Word by Mark Illis


Who’s sending anonymous, vicious letters to Stephen? Is it something to do with his friend Max’s sudden, unexplained death? Max’s sister, Gloria thinks so, and she intends to find out what’s going on. The Last Word is sad, shocking and almost romantic. An unforgettable novel.

Gloria 'is marvellously original … this is an engaging novel of flawed and vulnerable individuals edging towards each other, and away again,in a lobster quadrille of tentativeness.'
The Guardian

Shortlisted for the Portico Prize


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